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When you sell your art on AAMAC you keep 100% of the price the artwork is sold for. AAMAC will never charge sellers or buyers commission to buy or sell art on AAMAC.

 AAMAC charges a low one off flat fee for ALL ARTISTS AU$30 for initial profile set up with one artwork/product and AU$5.00 for advertising EACH artwork/product  and AU$5.00 PER Notifications after your Profile is set up until you decide to take it off. You may also elect to pay extra to have your art included in one or more of our featured categories.
There is a yearly fee for Professional Galleries and services etc of $30.
All of these include links to whatever you have that will promote you the Artist or the Galleries and Services , it is the perfect simple gateway.

The site has been carefully designed so visitors can easily browse by the country of origin of the artwork and the location of sellers as well as fine art category, subject, style, price size and era of artworks. This means visitors can quickly find works of interest whether they are international collectors or collect works from your country.

On AAMAC you control every aspect of the sale of your art - the information and photos included in your ad, contact with people interested in purchasing and arranging payment and shipping of the work to the buyer.

For Translations of the Sell My Art Page - 한국어 , Italiano , 日本語  
AAMAC welcomes listings of works by established and emerging artists selling their own works, art galleries, dealers and private sellers worldwide. Private seller can maintain their privacy when selling art because AAMAC doesn't require your full name be included on listings.

For everyone, please allow at least 48 hours from time of payment (plus clearing of payments - initial AU$30 Listing/Profile and AU$5.00 per Product once you have a profile) - this also depends on the load at the time.
Notification Fees will be AU$5.00 per listing and will be taken down after the event finishes so as there is a fresh turnover. 
Galleries , Wholesalers, Suppliers , Event Managements etc will have a AU$30 per calendar year fee (on the anniversary of signing up)  and a AU$5 listing per work after that.

If a private seller isn't sure what price to ask for their artwork for a small fee an AAMAC Consultant can provide a guide on pricing your art. Some busy private sellers might prefer that an experienced art consultant manage Inquiries about art they are selling on AAMAC and or handle the sales transaction.

You are welcome to contact any of the fine art consultants who advertise their services on AAMAC to discuss the fee that they might charge for handling Inquiries of managing the sale of your artwork listed for sale on AAMAC. On AAMAC selling art is simple and Very low cost. 
Investors looking to buy work from Overseas Artists we have a Quick Currency converter 


To sell your Art , Promote your Gallery , Trade and Sell Art Products or Wholesale in our market place:
PLEASE REMEMBER when you make your payment make sure you put the name of your product with your payment!
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