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We don’t keep records of art sales or contacts because we are not involved in the contact or selling process at all, that is between the artist and buyer. We have had a number of listings deleted by sellers but that doesn’t indicate they sold via AAMAC. Similarly, we don’t monitor contact between artist and buyers. AAMAC is a relatively new site - and still building brand awareness and awareness of our NO COMMISSION business model. Your art stays for sale on the site until you remove it so it’s a great deal for AU$25 per Work/Listing and NO COMMISSION to offer your work for sale and get some nice marketing by us on social media as well for you and your art.
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Featured listings means the artwork ALWAYS shows at the top of the category which the seller has chosen to be featured in whether people browse by price or by Media listed. Sellers can choose for their work to be featured in the particular Fine Art Category e.g. paintings, Subject e.g. landscape Style e.g. Abstract ,Country of origin of art e.g. France, the Artists category and GLBTI, Christian artists category etc. As we are a new site we will work on the feasibility for charging for this and this will be subject to demand.
 For now Feature Artists will be randomly selected for the categories etc stay tuned.

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We showcase a huge variety of Categories of Painting Styles, Subjects and Mediums.


Browse the work of photographers from all over the world and across a range of Styles and Subject Matter.


See an impressive range of styles and techniques in our drawing category.


Our sculpture section brings together work from some of the finest undiscovered talents working in the medium.


Choose form a vast range of high quality prints for sale.
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