• Providing artists with an online platform
    to reach clients worldwide

How are we different?

Our plan of bringing people closer to art and pushing our featured artists’ exposure to a new and exciting level is just the start. We offer a NO COMMISSION rate, so you can be sure that the art you purchase is not only amazing but that the artist is getting the most from your custom. This enables them to reinvest in more work and enjoy the benefits of being a full time professional artist.

AAMAC is basically your Site/Marketplace for you to promote along with us to make it a BRAND NAME where people will want to come with all things ART RELATED, united together with a common interest of "GETTING YOUR ART OUT THERE" and this will have everyone gravitating to this site where it is all here for them to see , whether your art is $1 to $1,000,000 it is up to you and it is very low cost and 100% COMMISSION FREE!!

Live Exhibitions

Every so often we will be hosting a live exhibition to showcase some of the amazing work featured on AAMAC Having work shown in a live exhibition can be out of reach for a lot of artists, but we will make that dream a reality. 

An example is the 2015-16  “The Kangaroo’s Project"  Where

201 Artworks by 90 Australian artists traveled to Italy for several Exhibitions and an International Trade Exhibition 2016 and we also brought back an exchange show of 50 Italian Artworks. There were also a few Pre Rome Exhibitions in Sydney as well - CLICK HERE

For this  ABOUT page translations also available in - Italiano , Dansk , 日本語 , Español  , 中文 , Français  , 한국어 , Deutsch , Português .

Future Projects Fund

When you exhibit your Art through AAMAC online, a percentage of that placement will go into the ‘AAMAC Future Projects Fund’. When it is set up Artists can then apply for a one off grant when announced to help with a variety of costs such as starting a new project, materials needed to get a new work off the ground, or even towards hosting their very own live exhibition. 

Getting your Art on AAMAC is just the start. When the grants come up Artists will submit an outline of their project for consideration and ONE will be selected. Grants and values will come up when they do.


The AAMAC Tribe is an exciting way for established galleries, Facebook groups, Instagram, the Twitter Community  and even Snapchat to refer and promote artists through AAMAC and become a part of their journey. 

Members of the AAMAC Tribe are remunerated 100% on the sale of their works because there are NO COMMISSIONS due to the Artist and Buyer dealing direct - offering Potential Buyers value cost artworks due to there being no COMMISSIONS or BUYERS PREMIUMS  

For more information on our online artists’ platform, contact us info@aamac.com.au

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